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Ancient Greek Massage * is a very smart and functional combination of several massage techniques, which aim to bring the maximum effect of wellness and deep relaxation to each body. The "rub of sorrow", the coating with hot oil, the suckers and "dry rub" with brush and "dust" from Antiquity, meet the Deeep Tissue, Reflexology and Shiatsu Massage, in a harmonious and deep therapeutic dance!

Voula Anagnostou
Certified Therapist of Ancient Greek Massage *

(* The inspiration, the title and establish of the session belongs to Ellie Tsouknaki physiotherapist and alternative therapist).

"Rubbing can cause loosening, tightening, growth or reduction of the flesh, the strong rubbing causes tightening, the gentle relaxation, prolonged decline in the flesh and moderate growth." Hippocrates Hippocrates father of medicine considered the massage as a therapeutic tecnique for various diseases and as a means of prevention and rehabilitation.

The word "malaxis" comes from the verb "mince" or "Matti" (Attic dialect) meaning manipulating and kneading by heands. They also used the terms "rubing" and "anatripsis".

The massage established itself in Ancient Greece as basic physiotherapy method and connected directly to the Medical and exercise.

They 're commonly used massage in musculoskeletal, gynecological problems, in abdomiral issues and also for relaxing, slimming and wellbeing.

Usually applied in hot baths in wrestling and secondary schools and of course the famous polyclinics Asclepieia!