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Short Biography
Anagnostou Voula - Holistic TherapistSHORT BIOGRAFY

My name is Voula Anagnostou and I am an Holistic Therapist .
I was born, live and work in Thessaloniki. I'm mother of two children Aristoteles and Olga.
I studied at Life Therapy Academy in Thessaloniki,NHS and in OM shiatsu school in Athens.

My studies in detail included:

  • Anatomy-Physiology Pathology (2 years)
  • First Aid-Health Information
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (2 years)
  • Psychology (my work was on the Depression and Bulimia)
  • Counseling
  • Principles Detoxification
  • Elements of Nutrition
  • Research Methodology
  • Electroacupuncture therapeutic protocols
  • Iridology
  • Herbs



  • Shiatsu-Shiatsu in bed (2 years)
  • Tai massage
  • Lymphatic massage (face and body)
  • Massage abdomen and colon
  • Hot Stones and Hot Stones Shiatsu
  • Cupping and Μoxa
  • Elements of SERM (Somato-emotional energy release massage)
  • Sotai (therapeutic exercises)
  • Herbal Pouches massage

By qualified therapist I was trained in Functional Muscle Manipulation, a Deep Tissue method. I am an EFT (psycho-emotional releasing process) and a Pregnant Care therapist. I took part in the 3rd World Congress of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with key issues cancer and women health problems.
I work at alternative applications studio "Aegli "to Thessaloniki and to "Ekies all senses resort " in Vourvourou as Therapist and Spa manager.

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