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Holistic therapy from ANAGNOSTOU VOULA at Pylaia Thessaloniki


Once upon a time in distant Japan, a seven years old child with only weapon the love for his mother, made a miracle. With pressures and compressions managed to heal her from the unbearable rheumatic pains. This child, the power of Meditation of Taoism, the blind therapists of China and the wisdom of thousand years, gave birth in the early 2nd century to a modern, worldwide recognized, therapeutic method, SHIATSU
Shiatsu, although it is a Japanese technique, is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. That’s exactly the reason Shiatsu is considered as Acupuncture without needles. As a therapeutic method was recognized by the Japanese Medical Department of the Ministry of Welfare in December 1957:

"The technique of Shiatsu refers to pressure with the fingers ( Finger = Shi, pressure = atsu) and palms to specific parts of the body surface to correct energy imbalance in the body and maintain health "Shiatsu as a
Holistic Therapy Technique understands man as a whole system. That’s why Shiatsu is trying not only to heal him when he is ill but also to keep man healthy. This could be achieved by maintaining or restoring the balance in three different but interrelated dimensions, mental, spiritual and physical.

The exact translation of word Shiatsu is
“finger pressure” but the “spirit” of the word is in the Japanese phrase "Shinda Soku Chyrio"(combination of Therapy and Diagnosis).

In ancient times Chinese Medicine Therapists were blind so they have highly developed touch. Because the senses of touch, vision and smell, have a primary role in TCM Diagnosis. All the information that the therapist collects with his senses, he applies it immediately to the session. Therefore the diagnosis and treatment are simultaneously. Another important difference from other techniques (such as acupuncture) is the intense feeling of deep support experienced by the client through direct and constant physical contact with the therapist. The relationship of trust that develops between them has the power to “pull in the surface” all the symptoms and the cause of any malfunction. Shiatsu is not intended to replace Conventional Medicine just to work together for best results. But in nowadays the drug toxicity (with many side effects), combined with the ineffectiveness of some conventional methods have convinced many west people to turn to Shiatsu.